All of my services are strongly rooted in the overall philosophy and real life fact that Your Health Is Your Wealth.

The aim of Yoga or any Whole Health method is to get you shining from the inside out, functioning at your optimum level of health and radiating out life enhancing energy in everything do.  It’s brilliant that there are many reliable methods that you can choose from as a tool that suits exactly who you are.

I choose yoga as the main method and way to complete human well-being but being a naturally curious person I have also studied many other amazing systems along the way.

It turned out that part my life’s work was to explore ‘the world of yoga’ and that included what’s on offer in the commercial age we live in. Coming from a culture where yoga isn’t promoted as an option for health, I found myself experiencing many different types yoga brands to get close to the source of its origin as I instinctively knew it was worth it.

This journey of study through many parts of the world and with lots of amazing teachers now allows me to share with you as a coach, mentor, yoga asana teacher and consultant the ways of this ancient but thoroughly modern system bringing you a more deeply fulfilling life experience.

You’ll see listed the services I offer and consider working with me if:

  • You want lasting change in your life
  • Really want your business to thrive
  • Value authenticity
  • Want to contribute to the health of the age we live in

I have been deeply inspired during my travels by indigenous cultures who have taught me about the natural ways of living life with Vibrant Peace.

More than ever before our body’s are craving a stronger connection to the mystery of our souls.  There is much on offer to facilitate that right now – I like to think of it as the New Age Carnival – and it can get quite confusing.

I have be using the guiding tool of Astrology for decades to help me place and know myself moving through life.  I have discovered how valuable this in when you connect it with this a yoga practice and have now developed Yoga with Astrology Coaching.

Working with me in this way can help you break through to a more fulfilling life,  know yourself and strengthen the mind/body/heart system like never before.