Even though, the way we move around the world in freedom has changed since 202o, it’s still VITAL that we take a break from the high pressured, digital age lifestyle we wake up each morning to.  Being in a stress free environment is the way to start to feel refreshed and healthy as you take a break from it all, if only for a moment or two.

The constant true source of healing and health is nature – THIS IS THE ONLY FRESH, FREE & ORGANIC PART OF LIFE. What does Organic mean to you?  It means untampered with, original and pure with nothing added.

We are ORGANIC as HUMAN BEINGS and we need to UNPLUG and move our bodies to stay in good health.  Unplugging and movement helps our immune system remain fully switched on so that we can stay at the top of our game as we enjoy life with our families and friends

What does Holistic Health mean to you?  A break from your usual routine with focus on your overall well-being  has so many benefits as it restores to your health holistically, holistically meaning all of you, the seen and the unseen.

There’s lots of amazing natural spots local to where you are if you are open to finding them to enjoy the goodness of life.



During my trip to the lush Indonesian island of Bali in 2019, I learned loads more about The Ashtanga Method of Yoga Practice with the brilliant teaching couple who are Prem & Radha.

What I really appreciated about Radha & Prem as Ashtanga Yoga Instructors is that they call their Shala a ‘Research Centre’ meaning they truly understand and teach from a place of true inquisitive enquiry which allows space for all types of student ability .

After months of daily yoga practice in their beautiful Shala and just when I was about to leave the paradise island, I asked if I could interview them and they said yes!  I wanted let more people know about this amazing place to enjoy a yoga vacation or maybe even spent a longer period of time whilst working from laptop what is know as a ‘Digital Nomad’   Enjoy…







A beautiful dreamy view from a late summer 2016 Greek Island Retreat

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