During my trip to the lush Indonesian island of Bali in 2019, I learned loads more about The Ashtanga Method of Yoga Practice with the brilliant teaching couple who are Prem & Radha.  After months of daily yoga practice in their beautiful Shala and just when I was about to leave the paradise island, I asked if I could interview them and they said yes!  I wanted let more people know about this amazing place to enjoy a yoga vacation or maybe even spent a longer period of time whilst working from laptop what is know as a ‘Digital Nomad’ 🙂  Enjoy…








It’s VITAL in this fast paced, tightly packed, urban dwelling age we live in where not being under pressure is an option to fully feel refreshed and healthy without taking a break from it all.

The only constant true source of health is the natural world – THIS IS THE ONLY FRESH, FREE & ORGANIC PART OF LIVE.

A Holistic Health Retreat with a clear focus on your well-being is a real holiday and benefits mean restoration to your whole being.

There is so much option on offer in this awesome world we live in and somewhere with just the right flavour and attention to detail that is perfect for you is out there waiting for you to choose it.

When choosing such a sacred period of ‘time out’, the correct environment is important to consider as is the structure of the Retreat or Health Centred Holiday when you consider what and where is correct for you.

A beautiful dreamy view from a late summer 2016 Greek Island Retreat

Your Blessed Break does not need to be an organised Retreat or Course – it could be to choose an idyllic Greek or Caribbean Island with accommodation of your choice and a structure you create…

I offer a specific coaching & guidance session to help you choose the perfect destination and well-being/transformation break for you to get the maximum benefit for the precious time you have to recharge like never before.

When you choose a Sacred Spot for Your Retreat,  being in a Community Environment can be so nourishing as you get to know new like minded friends with the same heart centered aims in life.  As you leave, to moving forward to your own Home Base you will have made new connections in the world that can last a life bringing more peace and joy to everyday living.

The key to making the right choice, is to know yourself and this is something that I help you with.