I’m SJ…


Being led by a strong sense of adventure and the curiosity to know first hand what I’ve come to understand as The Goodness Of Life, I was inspired to leave my home land in the mid-eighties.  

My travels, that also brought me to my work-life path, took me to a wide variety of countries where I found myself open to learning about the cultural ways and customs of different lands – you could say that I studied at The Global University of Life which as you may imagine was enriching beyond belief as well as fun!  From my travels, I realised that I am a natural communicator / organiser who is designed to and therefore loves to connect by heart meaning that when I was in a foreign land, I easily picked up the languages as I got involved with local communities – being highly practical I only ever learn or do things that are useful!

I have always been a deeper feeling type of person as well as a seer of realities that most people prefer to ignore – that along with my practical nature attracted me to study and use things like yoga/mediation, astrology and many other helpful modalities that make life richer…

..now with a ton of life and professional experience I am A Holistic Business Coach who helps manage projects and organise materials on the various marketing or social media platforms on the Internet. My role is multi faceted and includes a variety of services. 

I work holistically with Leading Edge Professionals; visionaries, artists, coaches, teachers, consultants who have experienced ‘who they are not’ to reach their Passion & Natural Urge and are fusing this with their sensitivity. This fusión, creates an awareness with a new ‘surviving to thriving’ mindset and a want to generate an income in a more conscious way – I believe I am the person that makes that possible.

My firm business foundation has developed with something I call ‘The Spirit of Health Money’ and this infuses all that I offer.

I enjoy funky jazzy type of music, good quality coffee, lots of nature, 80s football.  When I can, sail and  am aiming to sing like a pro as some point!