I’m a curious adventurer and wherever I’ve been, good health, an interest how the locals trade goods and an eye on the movement of the stars has always come along with me.

I started practising yoga in the Nineties after trying a class at my local YMCA and soon after started learning about meditation. For a while, though, yoga and meditation were consigned to the back seat as I focused on my management job in the travel industry, which led to me setting up and project-managing a new overseas venture for a specialist tour operator. Exciting as that sounds, it was incredibly stressful – so I resigned and spent a year in Thailand, where I immersed myself in yoga, meditation and basically living a deeper and more meaningful life. I had found a way to life a more meaningful happy life.

Back in the UK, I studied to become a yoga teacher then trainer and also qualified as a certified life coach. Along side those studies I learned all about Astrology and then Human Design. Then I was off again, working and travelling all over the world. In Central America, I taught yoga classes in English and Spanish – which I’m now fluent in – then moved onto Ibiza where I worked as a consultant helping a business start-up get their creative writers retreat off the ground. I also spent time in Australia, assisting in the development of an innovative sustainable business concept. Wherever I travelled, I seemed to be drawn to creative ventures and naturally found myself coaching, mentoring, project-managing and consulting with the entrepreneurs behind them.  

I naturally started to offer Astrology and Human Design readings as my own research, training and experimentation proved time after time how supportive these great wise systems were to all areas of life

Having a strong desire to reach out globally, currently I do much of  my consultancy and coaching work as part of my Project Manager role with an internet based transformational media platform. As well as teaching yoga in class form and workshops where possible.  I design bespoke yoga programmes for individuals, retreats and centres globally. I also continue to provide business support for heart-centred entrepreneurs wherever in the world they might be.

* Want to get in touch? Just give me a call or whatsApp me on +447774 287521 

email me at shinadejayne@gmail.com