Astrology & Human Design




From an early age, I felt pulled to the Mystical Arts, somehow intuitively knowing that there was great value in understanding the Ancient Symbolism presented these Sacred Teachings that were so misunderstood in the western culture I’d been born into.

This knowing triggered the intrigue that allowed a lifelong exploration of many of the worlds Wisdom Traditions which included as well as made space for the powerful cosmic language of Astrology in the doctrines and teachings.

Integrating aspects of Astrology, I have embraced Human Design which is a synthesis of several ancient systems – the I Ching, chakras and the Kabbalah – into what I offer. It represents a map of human consciousness that links these well know wisdom tools to contemporary thought.

Through lots of experimental study, (some with Masters) and constant self-training, Western Astrology and Human Design is of tremendos value as a tool in the fast paced world we live in, to help others not only to keep centred but to truly know themselves as A Powerful Creative Being through Birth Chart Readings, Astro Coaching Programs and Astro~Cosmic Language courses virtually online and where possible, in person.

I see and use Astrology & Human Design as a language to access and bring awareness to the nonphysical or subtle areas of who you are as a unique independent human being entwined with a personality alongside conscious and unconscious aspects of who you know yourself to be.

Understanding this hidden information in your birth chart gives soul nourishing support and guidance along with keys to unlock parts of yourself previously unavailable leading to feeling truly empowered in all that you do.



The services provided are:

Astrology  Chart Reading 60mins                   £120

Human Desgin Chart Reading 60mins          £150

Astrology Coaching Packages                       Price On Request

Human Designs Coaching Packages            Price on Request

Astro~Cosmic Language courses                  Price on Request


Please Note:  All prices include time spent on preparing for your unique reading of sessions



This is Sacred Information and for this reason, I can only work with You if you are 100% ready to receive the information provided uniquely for you from the highest source of wisdom when we work together    


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