You Made It!

Taking time to unwind YOUR WORDS into a book, YOUR BOOK, is a precious gem.

Or getting clear about your AMAZING BUSINESS with it’s LIFE CHANGING  Products or Services is PURE GOLD in it’s truest sense.

Freeing up your Sacred Creativity so it flows easily needs support ~ Let’s do it together!

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 HEALTH is your Birthright and it all starts in your body

Yoga8 stems from  Ahimsa, the #1 point in The 8 Limbs of Yoga, with Asanas for a real understanding how the ancient science of yoga works.

Kin Yoga is for Empaths and along with Ayurveda you start to transform your body shape, restore fitness as well as enhance your quality of life as a HSP

Feeling Good from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, inside and out is the aim here! There is a balanced healthy way that’s just right for you and with body movement, food intake and lifestyle adjustment, the changes come for you with Effortless Effort 

Online Classes by Invitation

I’m ALWAYS happy helping to hatch a plan that leads to complete health!


WEALTH is naturally occurring and it’s in knowing really who you are where the gems of your abundance are found!

Learning more about yourself through your Astrology Chart is a way to uncover your very real buried treasure. We are complex systems and using an Astrologer as a guide/translator is a good way to get started in learning more about yourself with this cosmic language available to us all.   

An easy way to learn with me is to meet online or if I am currently local to where you are, we can meet in person 

Working with me in this way is Real Soul Nourishment & you can choose from:

  • A Birth Chart Reading with Transits
  • Astro  Coaching Programs
  • Astro~Cosmic Language Courses

Understanding the hidden information in your Birth Chart also gives you deep soul nourishing support along with keys to unlock parts of yourself previously unavailable which leads to true empowerment, clarity and BIG JOY in life.

It’s MY PLEASURE to chat about what’s right for you!



FREE is a feeling state of being!

It’s vitally important that you understand how much your overall well-being affects your business or work-life and vise versa. Knowing that the way you generate an income impacts the ease of how your whole life runs is of massive value. I offer the following practical services to conscious people to assist in making your work/play life flow with ease:

  • Product Development
  • Marketing & PR
  • Mentoring/Coaching

You might be a business that wants to build its brand with a strong foundation in the Health & Wellness Industry.  Or you may be ready to change a job role to energise your quality of life. Perhaps you’re a health and fitness studio that needs help with marketing or team-building.

I LOVE hearing about conscious projects! 


Kin Yoga
For the essence of you 

Born to be in the know


Online Classes by Invitation