Radiant Health

Soothing Stress, Building Strength, Generating Energy along with Self Knowledge Improves Life Beyond Measure.

It’s my pleasure to help restore your Life Balance in a way that’s Tailor Made for you 

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 HEALTH is what Yoga8 offers in courses, retreats, classes & one to one sessions all rooted in Ahimsa, #1 from The 8 Limbs of Yoga, all designed to give you a real understanding how yoga actually works to transform your body shape, increase fitness as well as your quality of life.

Different styles and methods are harmoniously combine to ensure that the ‘feel good’ factor stays with you beyond the shapes made on a yoga mat.

Various Global Locations 
  • Breath & Believe  – A gentle yin restorative style class that enhances Empowering Self Knowledge with soothing breathing.
  • Healthy Man – A dynamic class that encourages flexibility, tone, encouraging muscle strength & flow for healthy transformation
  • Cacao & The Moon –  Here you experience the wonders of cacao, our beloved chocolate in it’s purest form at the time of the moon’s lunation for potent antioxidant nourishment
I’m ALWAYS happy helping to hatch a plan that leads to complete health!
Feel free to whatAapp me on: +44 7774 287521 or email: shinadejayne@gmail.com


WEALTH is really knowing who you are and learning your Astrology Chart is a way to do that.  An easy way to learn with me is to meet online or if I am currently local to where you are, we can meet in person 

Working with me in this way is Real Soul Nourishment & you can choose from:

  • A Birth Chart Reading with Transits
  • Astro  Coaching Programs
  • Astro~Cosmic Language Courses

Understanding the hidden information in your Astro birth chart, gives you deep soul nourishing support and guidance along with keys to unlock parts of yourself previously unavailable leading to true empowerment, clarity and BIG JOY in life.

It’s MY PLEASURE to chat about what’s right for you!

Feel free to whatAapp me on: +44 7774 287521 or email: shinadejayne@gmail.com


It’s vitally important that you understand how much your overall well-being affects your business or work-life and vise versa. Knowing that the way you generate an income impacts the ease of how your whole life runs is of massive value. I offer the following services to conscious people to assist in making your work/play life flow with ease:

  • Project Management
  • Training Sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Business Consultancy

You might be a business that wants to build its brand with a strong foundation in the Health & Wellness Industry.  Or you may be ready to change a job role to energise your quality of life. Perhaps you’re a health and fitness studio that needs help with marketing or team-building.

I LOVE hearing about conscious projects! 

Feel free to whatsApp me: +44 7774 287521 or email: shinadejayne@gmail.com

Mentoring – Simplifying – Applying

The Guiding Principles of Yoga



 Summer 2019

@ Hands on Therapy  Barrhead, Glasgow

Rest, Restore & Revive

‘2 Hours of You Time’ 

Saturday Aug 17th

Weekly Classes


2. Breath & Believe